Tenace BOA® by Sixton Peak®, the evolution of protection

13.02.2023 – #technology #REDAZIONALE #COMPANY

Unstoppable in its constant search for possible developments relating not only to the performance of its models but also to the range of products, Maspica takes, with its new Tenace boot, a further step in both directions, that of performance and that of expanding its established Resolute collection by Sixton Peak®.
Tenace BOA® is the result of combining the most advanced technological solutions available on the market and Maspica's know-how; it is an innovative, exceptional PPE studied, designed and developed to guarantee protection and comfort to workers engaged in production sectors such as steelworks, construction and extreme outdoor environments.
Tenace BOA® is the ideal safety shoe in situations where there is a risk of crushing or sudden impacts, the presence of nails or sharp materials, humidity, wet floors or wet and cold ground.
A powerhouse of technologies
Perfectly integrated in the tradition of the Sixton Peak® brand, Tenace BOA® is aesthetically captivating thanks to a careful design, but above all it is an extraordinary ensemble of materials and technologies which, skilfully combined and harmonised, make it a reliable barrier against the risk of injury.
First of all, Tenace BOA® was created according to the Sixton Peak® Resolute System Technology concept. Developed in collaboration with the English partner D3O and tested both by the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Padua and by the Maspica R&D laboratory, it is the basis of the most "smart cushioning" safety footwear, capable of absorbing and cushioning shocks to the heel, to ensure controlled stability and protect the joints by reducing load peaks. Among the other factors that effectively contribute to the performance of Tenace BOA®, the Dynamic HC Control deserves a prominent place. It guarantees ankle stability even in the case of uneven terrain and keeps the shoe on the foot avoiding the annoying kick-off effect.
For torsional stability, Tenace BOA® boasts the efficiency of StabilActive: in rigid plastic material, it supports the heel, waist of the shoe and tarsal joints offering secure support for the natural movement of the foot.
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But what makes the boot truly unique and reliable is the versatility of the double L+1 lacing of the BOA® Fit System which facilitates the perfect adherence of the shoe with the two closures at the instep and mid-calf, extremely solid but also very quick to adapt or to unfasten in case of need.
For water resistance, HDRY technology was chosen which, thanks to the presence of a waterproofing membrane applied directly to the upper through a lamination process, guarantees waterproofing of the shoe while maintaining a very high transpiration and perspiration dispersion capacity.

Against the cold there is Real Polar Wool Fur on the lining and Primaloft on the toe, which allows those who wear Tenace BOA to have warm feet, insulated and protected from cold temperatures, and to appreciate the comfort of a soft and enveloping shoe.
And the interchangeable Dual Insulation 2.0 insole also stands up to the cold which, with a mix of recycled materials, is the flagship of Sixton Peak® research. It is a removable anatomical and ergonomic insole which, thanks to a layer of felt with aluminised film, insulates the foot keeping it dry and warm.
Tenace BOA® also means environmental sustainability thanks to the presence of the Vibram Ecostep PRO sole. With a tread in up to 30% recycled rubber and a self-cleaning design, it is also resistant to high temperatures (up to 300 degrees Celsius contact heat) as well as oils and hydrocarbons.
The role of the Fiber Cap SXT is also very important, a composite toe cap reinforced with glass fibre in different thicknesses, synonymous with high mechanical resistance to impact and compression.
Last but not least, Tenace BOA also represents a step forward from the point of view of compliance with the requirements of the new EN ISO 20345:2022 standard; the new standard introduced/modified some aspects regarding marking, including slip resistance (SR requirement) and perforation resistance (PS method - Non-metallic 3 mm.tapered nail perforation resistant insert). 
Tenace BOA®, the best of Sixton Peak® research in a boot

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