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Protection Elements

Technology - Action in Safety

Everything that makes a safety shoe: protection to impact, compression, perforation, and grip on any surface. 


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maximum lightness, maximum safety HELEVO is equipped with a new KX light insert with a weight reduced by 30% thanks to a mix of aramid fibers and HT polyester in compliance with the EN ISO 20345:2022 PS method regulations (tested with a 3 mm nail).

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Nuovi inserti anti-perforazione in tessuto rinforzato con fibre più performanti dei soliti inserti, e resistenti al chiodo fine da carpentiere come previsto dal prossimo aggiornamento della EN 12568.

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Steel Plate

Lamina acciaio inossidabile verniciata resistente agli acidi.

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Steel Toecap

Puntale in acciaio, verniciato con trattamento anticorrosione. Protezione oltre 200J. Calzata comoda, con gommino di compensazione.

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Alu sxt 2.0

Risultato dell’evoluzione delle ultime tecnologie per l’alluminio. Nuovo puntale a spessori variabili funzionali. Protezione ultraleggera, mantenendo volumi interni confortevoli.

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MORE ERGONOMICS, MORE RESISTANCE It is reinforced with carbon nanotubes, non-magnetic material among the most resistant and hardest. This toe cap has unique charactestics in the safety footwear market thanks to the innovative technology which allows to combine very thin thicknesses with high level impact and compression resistance.

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Fibercap sxt

Composite toecap reinforced with fiberglass. Differentiated thickness. Perfect combination for better safety and comfort. High mechanical resistance to impact and compression. Dimensional stability. Not detectable by metal detector.

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EN ISO 20345:2022 / EN ISO 20347:2012 / EN ISO 20345-2011


EN ISO 20345:2022

The new EN ISO 20345:2022 standard was published by CEN and, although not yet formally harmonized, represents the state of the art for safety footwear.

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EN ISO 20347-2012

Calzatura «Occupational» con tutte le caratteristiche chimico fisiche e il confort delle calzature Sixton Peak®. Calzatura senza il puntale di protezione e senza lamina antiperforazione.

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EN ISO 20345-2011

La normativa EN ISO 20345:2011 prevede, per l’anti-scivolamento, il superamento di test su 2 superfici diverse con classificazioni relative alle singole prove, SRA oppure SRB. Il superamento dei requisiti di entrambi i test previsti, SRA e SRB, assegna a tutte le calzature SIXTON PEAK® il livello di antiscivolamento SRC.

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Metatarsal Protect D3O

Nothing protects better than D3O® D30® absorbs and dissipates energy while walking and on impacts, reducing the amount of force transmitted to the body, compared to standard foams.

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Metatarsal Protect

Rigid anatomica! protection, resistant up to 1 00 Joules, to protect the metatarsus against falling sheets of metal or similar. Far foundries, heavy metal work, glass factories and anywhere sheet metals are handled.

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