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Sixton Peak® Test Lab


Sixton Peak® Test Lab


To be aware ahead of time of the life span of the shoe and its reaction to daily use. To guarantee the respect of international standards. To pursue certified quality.

Sixton Peak® footwear undergoes rigorous and lengthy physical and mechanical tests in our own lab, fully equipped with vanguard instruments for the research and development of new materials. In order to establish acknowledged performances in accordance with the highest standards of law, our lab exploits credited partnerships with some of the most authoritative certification bodies, such as: Satra, TUV, Cimac, Ricotest, CTC and CSA.

RESOLUTE GREEN is the solution for the protection of both the person and the environment. Choosing RESOLUTE GREEN means adopting an environmentally responsible behaviour without sacrificing the quality and the comfort that have always characterized Sixton peak® footwear

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Il laboratorio prove Sixton Peak®

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Simulative tests carried both in real-life and extreme situations have always played an important role to determine Sixton Peak® success: mechanic tensions resistance tests, shock tests, resistance and long-stroke tests, dynamic determination of water impermeability and water absorption, outsole flexing tests, tear resistance tests for uppers and linings, ageing tests, abrasion and stitching resistance tests, anti perforation tests. All is done with the aim to have a safety shoe wholly evaluated fit for the European as well as the worldwide market.

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