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Foot well-being is the well-being of the body
Feet play an important role, both in maintaining a correct posture, and in encouraging the well-being of the whole body. An adequate plantar support, helps prevent even severe pathologies in both fee and ankles, knees and the hip, up to the spine and problems of a circulatory type.
The possibility to remove the insole and change it is a valid help both to correct any defects, and to further improve the comfort of the footwear. That is why it is always advisable to prevent and check the well-being of the foot and, if needed, correct the support with the advanced solutions of the Sixton Peak® insoles by Maspica SpA.
Sixton Peak® removable insoles are the ideal complement to the shoe, they emphasize its performance and comfort, in compliance with the rules that regulate safety footwear.
A solution and a new concept against foot problems: QRS02
Thanks to its soft, breathable and wear-resistant fabric, the removable QRS02 insole, ensures antibacterial properties, maintains a constant temperature even in difficult climatic conditions and uses a comfortable memory soft pillow, the "shock absorbing heart" of the insole, that accompanies the foot, thanks to two main characteristics, namely being anatomical and ergonomic.
Here is a summary of some innovative QRS02 technologies which add performance and a feeling of immediate benefit:

• Anti-Bacterial, special "biocidal" treatment and the Forced Air Flow breathability system, allow the foot to "breathe" and improve hygienic conditions, thus avoiding bad smells.

• The anatomical shape follows the natural morphology of the foot and, thanks to the Energy Restore anatomical heel housing function, guarantees a correct support of each of its parts, favouring well-being and comfort and improving the quality of life.

• The "ergonomic" peculiarity designed with a multilayer system, with different self-modelling and stabilizing densities, performs the important function of the physiological restoration of the foot and balance of the whole posture. Shock Absorber, accompanies the foot in movements and absorbs impacts, it helps in bringing the general static and dynamic centre of gravity, as close as possible to its ideal location.

• Made from 70% recycled materials, it attains high ecological standards by offering the user a new insole concept that takes into account processes to reduce the environmental impact.

The Recycled Foam components, such as Arnetech Antistatic and water-based glues favour the passage of air, an ideal transpiration and thermal sensation.

Secosol Complete: an orthopaedic insole designed ad hoc for atypical foot anatomies is compatible with any line of Sixton Peak® safety footwear always maintaining the same toe to heel embedding embedding.

Secosol Complete: an orthopaedic insole designed ad hoc for atypical foot anatomies is compatible with any line of Sixton Peak® safety footwear always maintaining the same toe to heel embedding embedding.
The Secosol Complete semi-orthopaedic insole made in collaboration with Hartmann Orthopädie, a prestigious German orthopaedic studio, is a customized and specific anatomical insole, which meets the requirements of EN certification ISO 20345: 2011.
Each foot is truly unique! This is why the Secosol system insoles allow both individual orthopaedic assistance, for workers with deformities of the foot that need a corrective insole made with specific materials and customized, such as Secosol Complete which solves 80% of plantar problems.

Anatomic insoles with arch support in three different heights: Arch Support
Each foot has a different morphology, but each one needs to be uniformly supported and personalized in the best possible way. Arch Support anatomic insoles have been designed with this in mind, with three different arch heights, low, medium and high "supporting" the different morphologies of the foot.
With Arch Support insoles the foot is drier through the forced recirculation of air, they ensure the foot a controlled support, a stable and comfortable movement of muscles and joints.
Breathable, antistatic and antibacterial, the Arch Supports tested within the PPE according to EN ISO 20345 are the ideal complement to Sixton Peak® safety footwear.

Insole maintenance and foot hygiene
For proper maintenance of the insoles we recommend removing them (even partially from the shoes), after each use, in order to ventilate the PPE, avoiding direct exposure to the sun and sources of heat. The shoe’s hygiene and durability will benefit.
In case of wear, replacement is recommended to not lose the benefits and safety of the product.

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