05.08.2021 – #technology

The microfibers used in Sixton Peak® footwear are extremely soft, light, resistant are technical microfibers with a high technological and innovative content, made for the safety footwear sector. They are the result of studies and research that have made it possible to achieve a high level of resistance and eco-compatibility, with new performing finishes.
“MicroFiber XTop” and “MicroFiber XPro” are water repellent, for S2 footwear, breathable and easy to clean with high dimensional stability. “MicroFiber Suede” is synonymous with touch and pleasantness, softness and breathability, with an extremely comfortable effect. “MicroFiber Top” is water-repellent, light and very resistant to chemical and physical stress. Sixton Peak® microfibers are extremely resistant.

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