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EN ISO 20345:2011

Polar MONTANA 89156-36

790 gr.
  • standard01
  • standard14
  • standard07
Working Environment
Cold places Food and Chemical industry Special
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36_a
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36_b
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36_c
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36_d
Polar MONTANA - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 89156-36_e


MicroFiber Xtop 1,8-2,0 mm
PrimaLoft® Footwear keeps your feet dry at all times, warm and comfortable, even in wet condition.The specially treated and water resistant fibers form a dynamic insulation structure, and the multi-diameter fibers build resiliency.
Dual insulation
Toe Cap
CTC- Composite Toe Cap

Sole PU-Rubber VIBRAM- Arctic Grip New polymer blend with an advanced filler system.Engineered for low temperature use.Improved grip on ice or snow.VIBRAM performance, quality and durability. Self-cleaning outsole, designed to all types of ground better.With scaff cap.



Removable Insole Dual insulation Insole perfect for winter use and for footwear with protection against cold “CI”. It consists of a highly resistant and absorbing felt piece that keeps the foot dry and warm and of an aluminised film to isolate the foot from the ground. Details >

Protection elements CTC- Composite Toe Cap Toecap made of plastic, incredibly light and resistant to impact of over 200J, very high elastic coefficient, immediately regaining the original shape without entrapping the toes. Perfect thermal isolation. Not detected by metal detector. Details >

Lateral stability Dynamic HC Control Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control of the ankle sideways movements. It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit. Details >

Torsional stability StabilActive Support made of rigid plastic material. It stabilizes the heel bone, the instep and tarsal joints, without altering energy absorption. A support for the natural movement of the foot; it provides comfort and greater stability. Details >

Electrical features W.E.D. Strip with 4 filaments of carbon fiber, ensuring proven anti-static properties of the footwear over time. Details >

Other PRIMALOFT Padding with hi-tech yarns, light and efficient in keeping feet warm and dry. For particularly cold places. Details >

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