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Removable anatomical and ergonomic insole

SixtonPeak® insoles are the ideal complement to the shoe, emphasizing its performance and comfort.

It is ideal to let them air out daily and ensure their regular replacement, for hygiene and greater durability of the shoe itself.
A special table is available with the compatibility guidelines between soles and lines of footwear, to always be in compliance with the EN ISO 20345 standard, and keep the certification valid.


For specifications on individual items, please consult their technical data sheets
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Titolo Tabella/pieno.png The red circles indicate the insoles certified inside the PPE (EN ISO 20345:2011), for that footwear line.
Titolo Tabella/vuoto.png The empty circle the insoles that instead are only compatible in the footwear.

Attention: if necessary to replace the insole in safety shoes, use only soles already tested EN ISO 20345:2011, because they keep the certification of the PPE. The replacement with non certified insole inside the ppe, will result in the loss of the EN ISO 20345:2011 certification. In case of accident we are not to be held responsible, as indicated on the informative note placed in each shoe box.

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