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EN ISO 20345:2011

Urban PIVOT 83175-03L

660 gr.
  • standard01
  • standard07
Working Environment
Multipurpose Wood-metal carpentry Logistics and Light Industry Components and Automotive
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L_a
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L_b
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L_c
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L_d
Urban PIVOT - Calzatura antinfortunistica Sixton Peak - 83175-03L_e


Grain leather Hydro 1,8-2,0 mm
Full Grain leather Hydro
Reflex insert
3D Air circulation 320 gr.
Toe Cap
CTC- Composite Toe Cap
Resistance to Perforation
Zero(K) Perforation resistant

Sole PU Dual-Density SRC Two-component PU outsole with tread designed mainly for indoor use. Self-cleaning design and highly non-slip grip. SRC Antislip standard.



Removable Insole Flyfit The upper layer in contact with the foot is made of a highly resistant netting to ensure exceptional absorption of dampness. A self-forming antibacterial foam layer ensures comfort and correct support of the foot. Details >

Protection elements CTC with zero perforation resistance Toecap made of plastic, incredibly light and resistant to impact of over 200J, elastic. Athermic. Not detected by metal detector. Fabric anti-perforation foil. Resistant to over 1100 N with zero perforation. Details >

Lateral stability Dynamic HC Control Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control of the ankle sideways movements. It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit. Details >

Torsional stability StabilActive Support made of rigid plastic material. It stabilizes the heel bone, the instep and tarsal joints, without altering energy absorption. A support for the natural movement of the foot; it provides comfort and greater stability. Details >

Electrical features W.E.D. Strip with 4 filaments of carbon fiber, ensuring proven anti-static properties of the footwear over time. Details >

Other DUALMICRO Double non-slip layer of microfibre, resistant up to 200,000 cycles. Makes the footwear more comfortable, blocking the foot during use. Details >

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