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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Maspica s.p.a, a leading manufacturer of injection moulded technical footwear ensures quality products that keep pace with technological progress and which respond to new market requirements. The mission of Maspica s.p.a is to provide a full range of high quality products in order to meet the ever-growing demands of the market.
It pursues this mission by closely following the principles of ethics, propriety, loyalty and transparency. Accordingly, all the company’s activities must be conducted in full compliance with the law, in a context of fair competition and with honesty, integrity, propriety and good faith that safeguards the interests of customers, employees, business and financial partners, and of the communities in which the company carries out its business.
Maspica  s.p.a  considers it a duty to adopt this Code of Ethics and Conduct which contains a set of principles and regulations that must followed by the addressees and which is crucial for ensuring the smooth running, trustworthiness and reputation of the company.
All those who work for the company, without distinction or exception, are required, within the scope of their functions and responsibilities, to comply with and to ensure that these principles are followed. Under no circumstances can the conviction that one is acting for the benefit of, or in the interests of the company, justify conduct that contrasts with these principles.
The purpose of the ethical code is to guarantee that operations, conduct and relations, both within and external to Maspica s.p.a reflect the following fundamental values:
- Maspica s.p.a operates in accordance with current legislation, regulations, internal standards and procedures, and this Code.
- Within the scope of its business organization the Company endeavours to promote the knowledge of current legislation, this code and the procedures designed to prevent their contravention. Under no circumstances can the pursuit of company interests justify conduct that is contrary to the principles of propriety and lawfulness.
- Maspica s.p.a, when dealing with the Addressees and with third parties in general, undertakes to act fairly and transparently, not to provide misleading information, and to avoid conduct in which an unfair advantage may be gained from positions of disadvantage of third parties.
- dealings with the Addressees, and with third parties in general, must be based on good faith and trust, and therefore the ability to uphold agreements, promises and deals.
- dealings with public authorities and public administrations are based on utmost propriety, transparency, good faith and collaboration, and in full compliance with current legislation.
- information disclosed by the company must be complete, transparent, understandable and accurate. It must also comply
- with the principles of equality and simultaneous access by the public.
- the Company respects the fundamental rights of individuals and guarantees equal opportunities to all. It avoids discrimination of any kind and especially if related to age, gender, health, race, nationality, political opinions, religious beliefs and social status or personal circumstance.
- the company recognizes the central role of human resources. It strives to protect and promote its value in order to improve and develop the asset and the competitiveness of the skills possessed, providing specific professional training programs and the acquisition of greater expertise. It adopts a policy based on the recognition of merit and equal opportunity.
- the Company undertakes not to make use of forced, compulsory or child labour, even indirectly (through suppliers or other subsidiary or affiliated companies).
- the company guarantees confidentiality of the information it holds and does not collect or use sensitive data, except with the express and informed consent of the data owner and in any case in accordance with current legislation.
- when carrying out its business, the Company endeavours to avoid situations in which there may be a conflict of interest.
- Maspica s.p.a. considers the physical and moral integrity of employees, collaborators and suppliers a core value. Health, hygiene and safety in the workplace are ensured by complying fully with the current occupational health and safety regulations.
- Maspica s.p.a promotes environmental responsibility and environmental protection and is actively committed to ensuring that current environmental regulations are fully complied with whilst carrying out its business activities.
The Board of Directors of Maspica s.p.a, following the most advanced standards of corporate governance, has adopted this Code of Ethics and Conduct in order to endorse ethical principles.
Maspica s.p.a carefully monitors compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, making sure that there are sufficient resources available for information, prevention and control as well as guaranteeing the transparency of the related operations and conduct, intervening and applying suitable corrective and disciplinary actions where appropriate.
The company ensures the widest possible circulation of the Code of Ethics to all addressees and to the public in general, including its publication on the company website.
Scope of application and addressees of the code

The Code applies to all addressees as defined below:
directors and the members of the governing bodies of the company.
any other person in a senior management role, which means any person entrusted with, including de facto, representing, administering, directing, running or exercising the management and control of the company, or any of its units or divisions (“Corporate Leaders”).
all employees of Maspica s.p.a including those on fixed-term or part-time contracts and workers in similar situations (“Employees”)
all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relations with or engage in dealings with the company or otherwise contribute to achieving its objectives in all Countries in which the Company operates (“Collaborators”) including its affiliates or subsidiaries.
all those who, permanently or temporarily, supply goods and / or services in any form to Maspica s.p.a (“Suppliers”)

All Addressees are expected to be familiar with the Code and to comply with its regulations, to actively contribute to its implementation and to report any shortcomings to the person responsible.
All actions, operations and negotiations undertaken and, in general, the conduct of Employees, and more generally of the Addressees in performing their work or providing services to or on behalf of Maspica s.p.a. are therefore inspired by the utmost propriety from the point of view of the management, completeness and transparency of information, legitimacy both in terms of form and substance, and clarity and truthfulness of its accounting records in accordance with current legislation and internal procedures.
In particular, it is the responsibility of the Company Executives to apply the values and principles outlined in the Code of Ethics, accepting responsibility for internal and external company relations and seeking to reinforce cohesion and team spirit.
The members of the Board of Directors, when establishing business strategies and objectives, proposing investments and implementing projects, as well as taking any decision or action concerned with the management of the company, will be guided by the principles outlined in the Code of Ethics.
Maspica s.p.a employees, who are already required to comply with current legislation and regulations, will be required to align their actions and conduct with the principles, objectives and commitments outlined in the Code.
To ensure complete compliance with the Ethical Code, if an Employee becomes aware of situations which may actually or potentially represent a breach of the Code, he or she must report it without delay to his or her immediate superior.
Commitments of Maspica s.p.a

The company will ensure that there is the widest possible distribution of the Code both inside and outside the company together with its actual application, also by including special clauses, in their respective contracts, that establish the obligation to comply with its requirements.
Maspica s.p.a. also ensures that the Code will be updated in order to align it to changes in civil sensitivity, its business context and any legislation relevant to the Code and that investigations will be carried out whenever reports are received regarding possible breaches of the Code.
If a breach is confirmed, the company guarantees that the facts will be properly assessed and suitable punitive measures are applied. The company also ensures that no one will risk retaliation of any kind for having provided information regarding possible breaches of the Code or the reference standards.
Obligations of employees

All employees are expected to be familiar with the regulations contained in the Code and with the reference standards that regulate the activities they perform in the context of his or her role.
In particular, the employees of Maspica s.p.a. are required:
- to adopt a conduct that does not conflict with such regulations;
- to consult their superiors if clarification regarding the application of the regulations is required;
- to report any information regarding possible breaches of the regulations to his or her manager without delay.
Selection of and contractual relations with suppliers
Maspica s.p.a looks for and selects suppliers by applying objective and documentable competitiveness criteria such as, quality, objectivity, propriety and respectability and in line with the principles outlined in this Code.
The products and / or services supplied must always reflect the actual needs of the company.
The stipulation of a contract with a supplier must always be based on relationships of utmost clarity, avoiding where possible, the acceptance of contractual restrictions that could lead to dependency on the supplier. Every contract must contain a specific clause in which the supplier agrees to the full and timely compliance with the principles outlined in this Code. Failure to comply with this clause gives the company the right to terminate the agreement and seek compensation for any damages.
When selecting suppliers, the company encourages criteria that will guarantee workers their fundamental rights, equality of treatment, and non-discrimination in addition to protecting against child labour.
Use of company assets.
Every Addressee operates and is accountable for the use of corporate assets in accordance with the principles and regulations specified in this Code.
The conduct required by collaborators is that of a diligent head of a household, also as regards the care and safeguarding of company assets and facilities, as well as using them in accordance with current legislation.
Maspica s.p.a is committed to developing the skills and experience of each employee and guarantee equal opportunities for professional growth.
In particular, Maspica s.p.a:
- uses merit, competency and individual potential assessment criteria
- undertakes not to make use of child labour
- selects, recruits, trains and pays employees without any discrimination whatsoever.
The company therefore opposes any kind of discriminatory or damaging conduct or attitude towards the individual, his beliefs or preferences.
Any breach of the regulations outlined in this article must be reported immediately to Human Resources Department.
Maspica s.p.a undertakes to promote and establish high safety standards, developing an awareness of risks, promoting responsible behaviour by all parties and seeking to protect the health and safety of workers, especially through accident prevention measures.
The company’s activities must be carried out in full compliance with current health and safety regulations. The company undertakes to guarantee working conditions and to safeguard the mental and physical integrity of the workers.
In particular, decisions regarding health and safety in the workplace are made on the basis of the fundamental principle of prevention and risk assessment.
When carrying out its business, Maspica s.p.a. undertakes to ensure that projects, manufacturing processes, methods and materials take into account the progress made in scientific research and the best practices regarding environmental issues, pollution prevention, environmental and landscape protection as well as employee health and safety.

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