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Security Policy



Our Company has always been aware that safety in the workplace is a goal to be achieved with will and perseverance, therefore one of the most deeply rooted intentions of the MASPICA Spa Management is the achievement of the psycho-physical well-being of this company’s workers through the company organization, the setting up of a healthy and ergonomic working environment and the adoption of processes and materials that are safe.
The values chosen by MASPICA Spa for developing and running its business (with reference to hygiene and safety at work) are:
- compliance with current legislation on health and safety at work
- compliance with the working conditions provided for by the applicable Collective Labour Agreements and with all the specific provisions applicable and signed by MASPICA Spa on health and safety at work
- safeguarding health and safety at work
- commitment to a constant and progressive improvement of working conditions

In the face of the aforementioned values, the Management of MASPICA Spa undertakes to pursue the following general objectives:
- prevent injuries, accidents, emergencies and occupational diseases, by detecting and preventing risky or non-compliant situations and dangerous behaviour
- identify, monitor and reduce health and safety risks, in particular those deriving from exposure to chemical agents (mixing and moulding activities) and caused by the handling of materials and processes (both in terms of biomechanical overload and injuries due to cuts), also through the adoption of organizational and technological processes that use the best economically acceptable techniques available
- create and maintain a serene, safe and healthy workplace
- ensure adequate emergency management
- ensure adequate and constant training, awareness and information of workers to ensure that they are able to correctly perform the tasks and duties entrusted to them and to consciously and responsibly take on their duties concerning Health and Safety at Work
- favour collaboration with suppliers and contractors with a high safety standard.

During the periodic reviews of the Company Management System, the Management establishes from time to time the best strategies for the implementation of the primary objectives in line with corporate values, defining the specific objectives and commitments in line with this Policy, and allocating adequate technical, human and economic resources.
In defining the objectives (whether environmental, organizational, quality or safety), the Management considers the entire company management organically, evaluating and considering both the performance and the level reached in terms of health and safety at work, and the impact of the strategies identified for work activities with regard to health and safety.

Considering that the Management System concerns the entire company organization (from the Employer up to each worker, each according to their own duties and skills), the above objectives are shared with the staff who, in addition to committing to the correct application of the Management System, is invited to provide stimuli to the Management for its implementation and continuous improvement. The contribution of employees in achieving these goals is crucial. There is therefore a communication system of absolute transparency and mutual understanding of technical problems.

Everyone is committed to safeguarding health and safety within MASPICA.


The dedication, help and understanding of all the workforce in safeguarding and improving the level of health and safety at work within MASPICA Spa, is required with a view to the management's strong commitment to the application of management systems aimed at continuous improvement, in order to allow solving problems by anticipating solutions, in the knowledge that what is put in place for safety purposes is in everyone's interest.

We recognize that a continuous improvement in the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases is obtained more easily through the involvement, consultation and commitment of staff on all levels. This commitment must be aimed at preventing problems rather than remedying them later: for this purpose MASPICA Spa is committed to raising awareness among workers to respect the Company Management System and disseminating decisions made regarding them concerning the identification of objectives and targets, making sure that they are understood, shared and implemented on all levels. Staff involvement, consultation and disclosure of objectives also takes place through the Workers' Representative for Safety.

Verifying the progressive application of the OHSAS 18001 standard and its maintenance over time is delegated to the Head of the Safety Management System, who is at all times the contact person in the company for any issues concerning health and safety at work.

The Management of MASPICA Spa guarantees that this Policy is:
- disclosed to all personnel who work directly (e.g. employees) or indirectly (e.g. contractors) on behalf of MASPICA Spa
- available to interested parties who request it
- periodically reviewed on at least an annual basis to ensure its continued compliance and adequacy with the organization.
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