The core features of Sixton design focus on the anatomic conformation and biomechanics of the foot, the requirement of balance, stability and safety, not to forget the specific requirements of every work environment.
The footwear is designed to accompany daily walking activities, to ensure correct foot support and equal distribution of the body weight over the whole foot, guaranteeing wellbeing, in compliance with European protection standards on health and safety - EN ISO 20345:2011.
The groundbreaking technologies of Sixton production systems make the company one of the most famous in Europe, with a daily production capacity of 3,500 pairs of shoes and boots, all of which Made in Italy! 
The company is able to ensure maximum levels of productive efficiency, flexibility and guaranteed consignment deadlines. The production facilities are supervised directly by technicians who have over thirty years’ experience, aided by Desma technological plants, with cutting-edge automated shoe upper injection machines.
Sixton Peak produces various collections of work footwear, for cold and hot workplaces, for the building and carpentry trades, the food processing, logistics, metal engineering, agricultural and hygiene industries too.


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Warehousing logistics have a major role in the organisation of Maspica, which is able to guarantee suitable response times for the demands, with high-rotation stocks of 130.000 pairs of footwear.
Europe and Scandinavian countries are currently “The” reference markets for Maspica SpA; the company also designs and produces about 40% out of the total of footwear produced for major Italian and European brands too.
Maspica is synonymous with environmental safeguard and responsibility and has been awarded with the Environmental Management System certification according to standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.


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